Ice cream in the time of COVID-19

First, we miss the heck out of you guys and hope that you are all smiling and staying safe! It has been a very long time since weekends in May and June weren’t spent reconnecting with friends and fans and we very much want to be back with you all!

With a global pandemic as a backdrop we are altering our operations in order to earn the right to be out there with you again. We know some of the adjustments we’re making may change the Great Scott experience you identify as your own; the one you know and love, into something quite different in the coming weeks and months. Thank you in advance for your tremendous level of understanding and grace as we move forward and try new things together.

Adjusting to the market

Our Smile Maker Mission isn’t changing, “Exceptional service of great tasting food made from whole ingredients; created in the pursuit of delighting our guests and making us all want to smile from ear to ear.” Our love of ice cream, of how and what we do and for each of you won’t be changing. We are working hard to be able to share the ice cream we love with you again soon. The most important milestone we are facing is satisfying the public health goals of multiple communities. To assist us meeting those efforts a few things will be noticeably different.

We will observe state health and safety guidelines regarding social distancing and revised maximum capacities. This includes wearing appropriate, advised PPE while interacting with our product and customers and regularly discarding gloves and sanitizing high-contact surfaces to limit exposure times. We ask that you maintain a six-foot safe distance between yourself and others while picking up Great Scott.

A few markets have asked that we not sell ready to eat items going forward. We know many of our fans tried Great Scott first on an impulse and this will be a difficult obstacle to clear. Additionally, because of staffing limitations we will be producing a limited menu. With the limited menu and the change from ready to eat items, customers are encouraged to place orders in advance by ordering online at

The evolution of our menu

Changes to our menu and offerings are difficult decisions to make. We think we have found an excellent middle ground for the moment and our plan forward looks like this:

Pops at market will be limited in variety and quantity. Each week we will make two lemonade flavors and a sorbet flavor from our published production schedule. In addition to our rotating pop flavors, Cookies & Cream, Mexican Hot Chocolate and Orange & Cream will be produced weekly and available for orders online. Limited quantities of those six pops will be available at market. Pops will be extremely cold and hard at market and not ready to eat. Please allow pops to come to temperature in your freezer before consuming. Prices on ice cream pops have increased to $3.50 to cover rising dairy costs while other pricing is unchanged. Our full menu remains available for catering orders, details of which can be seen online. Minimum order quantities, lead times and seasonality can impact availability.

We’ve also created two variety packs of pops available for purchase online. Our Family Pack will have ten pops, two each of the Cookies & Cream, Mexican Hot Chocolate, Orange & Cream as well as two of the weekly sorbet flavor and one each of the weekly lemonades for a retail of $30. Our second pack will be eight lemonades, four each of the two rotating lemonade flavors and will retail for $20. Insulated Great Scott Cooler Bags are available to keep all of your frozen purchases from market chilly for the trip back to your freezer. Our bags retail for $15 and continue to be recognized for a $5 discount on a purchase of 10 or more pops after the first purchase.

Additions to our menu

We will begin making three super premium ice creams and an artisan sorbet available as hand packed pints each week. Ice cream will retail for $7, sorbet for $6, both as pints or 16 fluid ounces. Like your pops, our pints are extremely cold and must be brought to temp in your freezer. Because of space limitations, a small number of pints will be available at market that are not pre-ordered. Each hand packed flavor will be announced ahead of time and available for order until they are gone. We will announce the first of the ice cream flavors available later today on Facebook.

There are some natural product extensions that we are reviewing to see if we can make something new in the spirit of Great Scott and we will keep you posted about those as we move forward. We are also putting together proposals to work with retailers to get GSIC out where you live and work every day and hope to have more news to share with you this summer.

As always thanks for sticking by us; we like you a lot too 🙂

Wash your hands.