Received word Thursday that the equipment we purchased in January will be ready this week, a full three weeks sooner than expected! This is both exciting and somewhat troubling as now we need to find a home for it sooner than anticipated, but it’s a problem no one is going to complain about!

For you the new equipment will mean a change in a couple key pieces of what you’ve come to know from Great Scott Ice Cream. First change is going to be the shape of our pops. The new shape is going to be a bit taller, a little bit thicker and a little bit skinnier. Volume actually goes up just a bit, and it’s being redistributed to a new shape. Second change, no more misaligned or crooked sticks! Seems like something that would be easy to control, but I can assure you, it’s harder than it looks…

Beyond those two most noticeable changes, this equipment upgrade lets us get creative with multiple flavors and layers, which we’re pretty excited about. There are also a couple pieces that when in place should make things like chocolate covered so much easier to do than it was before.

Long story short, we’re super excited to get to play with this and we’re pretty sure you’re going to love what we come up with!